A Real P*ssy Is A Man Who’s Afraid To Admit He DOESN’T Want A Serious Relationship


Whenever I decide to randomly surf social media sites, I constantly stumble upon stupid-ass, fake-deep quotes that people post to make themselves appear to be brooding intellectuals. It’s always some sh*t like “leave the man who makes you cry – for the man that will hurt anyone who brings a tear to your eye” or some other F*^KERY. But there’s one I’ve seen a couple of times that pops out in my head because not only is it corny, it’s presumptive as hell. It’s something like “a real man doesn’t make love to a million women – he makes love to one a million times”, and every time I see it I instantly yell out “GO F*^K YOURSELF”, which is not the best thing to do in your cubicle at work, church or wake (all places I’ve definitely uttered that out loud).

The reason that sentiment angers me so much is because it’s predicated on the belief that ALL men are inherently monogamous and the only reason a man could have for NOT being with one woman is simple immaturity. Well, that’s absolute BULLSH*T. In this great big world that we live in, there are MANY different types of men who require different things from a relationship. I praise dudes who WANT to be in monogamous relationships and find them, and I think men who enter into relationships with women only to cheat on them are DOUCHEBAGS. But there’s nothing more P*SSY than a dude who’s TOO AFRAID to admit that he DOESN’T want a serious relationship because he’s afraid that stupid-ass people are going to look down on him for “not being a real man”. All those judgemental bastards can go to hell, because pressuring men who DON’T want to be in relationships to get in one, is STUPID.

"naw I ain't scared to be seen with you baby! I'm just supporting the team!"

“naw I ain’t scared to be seen with you baby! I’m just supporting the team!”

Recently one of my homegirls emailed me an article from MadameNoire where they were talking about Nelly’s new “friend” Tae, and how he had not claimed her yet as his girlfriend. As I scrolled down to read the comments, most of the women in there were bashing him because he stated he was only committed to his music and business, and they derided him because he’s sill single at his “advanced” age. Basically, the women were ripping into him for not being Mr. Monogamous which made me laugh my entire ass off, because that’s a STUPID-F*^KING expectation to have of ANY human being. No woman or man NEEDS to be in a serious committed relationship and there are some people who are simply not about that life AT ALL.

I call these dudes George Clooney’s.


Some men are NOT built for serious, long-term, monogamous relationships and to view that as a character failing as opposed to a lifestyle choice is ignorant and judgemental. Just because that sh*t works for YOU, it doesn’t mean that MUST apply to everyone else. There are some dudes out there who are MORE than happy just floating around and enjoying the single life, and as long as they are open and honest with the women that come into their life, how the F*^K can you say there’s something wrong with them for living their love-life the way that suits them the best?

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