R. Kelly Has Received The GREATEST Pass Of The 21st Century


When I saw the album cover above for R. Kelly’s new album, Black Panties (which apparently comes with actual Black panties when you buy it), I was actually pretty shocked. Maybe it’s the angle, the lighting, or just the fact that the model with him is petite, but it really looks like this nigga had Kyla Pratt from her One-on-One days in his lap. It looks like he used some voodoo to morph Penny Proud into a real person and strip her ass naked. It looks like the girl in his lap gets excited when her mother puts Dunkaroos in her Despicable Me 2 lunch pail. I’m not going to assume that R. Kelly created this as a giant F*^K YOU! to his “haters” (i.e. people who, for SOME reason, seem to have a problem with grown men giving teenagers golden showers) because he might be so far past his previous legal troubles, that he no longer cares. But whatever it is, the reality of the situation is that he has officially received the GREATEST pass of any urban music artist in the 21st century.

A couple of days ago, some Black people got riled up when I called them COWARDS for hiding behind shaming Lily Allen as a soft-ass method of addressing real racism that exists in media, but there’s NO case that shows our collective cowardice more than R. Kelly’s pedophilia and our inability to address the FACT that he’s a freaky, old pervert – that makes awesome music. What price are we willing to pay to be able to Step in The Name Of Love? Apparently, underaged hymens.

In this day and age where artists must apologize for making satirical videos, arguing with their significant other in public, NOT donating “enough” money to a charity, or whatever big or small act that they are being publicly shamed for, it’s almost amazing to see how R. Kelly manages to maintain a pass on being a pedophile. People will get outraged about Jay-Z working with Barney’s, but the fact that R is busting down p*ssy the same age as a Playstation 2 just flies under the radar huh? Well, the truth is, it DOESN’T fly under the radar – we are just CHOOSING to be wilfully ignorant about it.

Of course there’s people out there who love to talk about “allegations” but we SAW his sextape and we KNOW that it’s him. When we found out the woman, I mean girl, on the tape was revealed to be underage at the time, our collective response was “that little b*tch lied about her age!” And I may have agreed with you, if my ass wasn’t old enough to remember that he’s been preying on teenagers since the 90’s:

R. Kelly’s over-sexualized steez is not just about recovering from a scandal, it’s about giving that scandal one of his favourite golden showers – without the benefit of the salad tossing. He’s throwing it in all of faces and we are allowing it because we’re complacent. Look at another one of this niggas album covers:


This is akin to Chris Brown making an album cover standing on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky Balboa with his hands taped-up like he was about to give another R&B diva a two piece. This would be like Miguel trying to swan dive across another section of fans but this time with a WWE Intercontinental championship belt across his waist. This dude even has the nerve to call his Black ass the PIED PIPER – a weird-ass muthaphucka dressed in multicolored clothing, who used music to lead the children away from the town never to return. He’s officially telling us ALL to go F*^K ourselves.

But as long as he keeps making hits, there’s not a DAMN thing ANY of us will be willing to do. My man Riley learned that the HARD way:

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