Whether You Love Obama Or Hate Him – Chances Are You’re An ASSHOLE

Tuesday night, I decided to live-tweet through the State of The Union address, as many other folks on Twitter chose to do, making the hashtag #SOTU trend at No. 1 worldwide. As I tweeted about each individual point President Barack Obama made, especially the ones I disagreed with, I could tell that the majority of those people following my timeline thought I was anti-Obama. In fact, the way some of the people were addressing me, you would think that my Twitter name was @BlackGuyLovesTedCruz. I found it funny because they conveniently overlooked all the tweets I posted arguing with Tea Partiers over their asinine comments. I found myself caught in between people who LOVE Obama and people who HATE Obama, and I came to a stark realization last night: If your LOVE or HATE for Obama is so thick that it clouds your worldview on how serious topics affect your fellow citizens, then you’re not helping anyone, especially not yourself.

When it comes to politics, I’ve noticed that you can pretty much group most American citizens into one of five categories. There are the people who love Obama (i.e. many Democrats), there are people who hate Obama (i.e. many Republicans), there are conspiracy theorists, there are people who don’t care and don’t follow politics, and there are people who just want to see the country improve for everyone. I belong to the latter group. And it’s actually kind of funny how often we are misunderstood as either being party loyalists, or being staunchly against a party, when the truth is we simply review facts. We base our support or opposition for policy on its real world application, and we don’t allow our biased, personal feelings for a politician affect that.

Back in 2012, Chris Rock assessed the Democrat versus Republican and liberal versus conservative situations through stand-up comedy, of course:

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