Raising The Minimum Wage is About Morality, Not Economics

When I woke up today to hear that thousands of fast food workers across the country walked out of their jobs to protest their pathetic wages and lack of benefits, my only thought was, “it’s about damn time.” It’s clear to anyone who has put in a hard day’s work at a job they absolutely needed that these people have been underpaid for quite some time. But, while I completely support the strike, I definitely was NOT looking forward to engaging in conversations with people about minimum wage, because the massive ignorance around the topic is annoying at best, and infuriating at worst. Many have formed staunch opinions against a wage increase, yet most simply don’t understand the factual realities about the topic. If more people took time to understand what it’s all about, people would come to a heartbreaking realization that far too many people in our society don’t talk about – the fact that raising the minimum wage is about morality, NOT economics.

That statement will surely offend economic students, finance professionals and Paul Krugman, but it’s the reality of our day. Whenever political pundits go on roundtable debates on TV to discuss raising the minimum wage, the argument always gets deeply embroiled in economic causation. The people who favor a wage bump argue that paying workers a living wage will allow many of them to come off public assistance which helps tax-payers. And when you put more money in the hands of people with little money, they spend it on necessary goods and services which also helps the economy.

The people against minimum wage believe that the government should not force corporations to increase their labor budgets in hard economic times, especially when the offset would mean people like us – aka the customers – will have to pay more for a Big Mac or a Whopper. Many also see this issue as wholly unimportant because pimply-faced teenagers don’t need to be making a living wage when they live at home with their parents. They will also argue that fast-food jobs are mostly just transitional opportunities that someone takes until they “find something better”, which completely negates the necessity of wage increases.

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This Is Your Conscience

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