2014 NFL Week 16 Review: I Was WRONG – Seattle Is The BEST

After the Seahawks got off to a shaky start this year, I was the first one to say that they were a far cry from the defensively-dominating juggernaut that rolled over the Broncos to win last years Superbowl. Now, as we enter the final week of the 2014 season, they are looking SCARIER than they did last year. How, you ask? Because not only do they look just as intensely focused as last year, but this year they have an air of experience and confidence. But, more than anything else, the offence is actually IMPROVING under Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. If they’re not your favourite to win the Lombardi trophy, you’re crazy. 

1. The Seahawks NEED to resign Marshawn Lynch

I can NOT think of another current running back in the NFL who exemplifies his teams toughness the way Marshawn Lynch does. It’s seemingly been a foregone conclusion that he would be playing for another team come 2015, but Seattle can NOT afford to let that happen. He’s simply too important to helping the offence move when Wilson is struggling, and the fact that he keeps the clock moving is what makes him the defence’s best friend.

2. Congratulations to the Cowboys

Dallas FINALLY avoided and overcame their late-season December curse to put together a string of great games and prove they are an extremely talented AND clutch team. The way they beat down the Colts is indicative of the fact that they came to play. Yes, I think the Colts weren’t playing up to par, but the focus should be on the Cowboys because, in recent history, they have had a habit of not showing up in the games they NEEDED to win.

3. There’s NO cause for concern in Philly

At the end of the day, Nick Foles is a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez. Foles will be back next year and Sanchez will be back on the bench playing backup as he should. This season should not be an indictment of Chip Kelly.

4. The Problem with the Lions

Detroit is GREAT at losing ugly AND winning ugly. It’s a really weird trait that makes me wonder if they are a really good team that’s on the verge of putting it all together or just a sloppy team that has been lucky more times than not. Although they beat the Packers already at the start of the year, their final game against Green Bay will let us all know where they are truly at. Are they going to be a team that makes noise in the playoffs, or just another wildcard loser.

5. Where the HELL does New Orleans go from here?

The Saints have looked PATHETIC all year, and now the Falcons or the Panthers are going to win that division with 7 wins, while the Saints are ending the year on a five game home losing streak. They have some SERIOUS moves to make in this years off season. I can’t believe I picked them to win the Superbowl. SMH

6. These great young QB’s DESERVE a chance to LEAD their teams next year

(MIA) Ryan Tannehill, (MIN) Teddy Bridgewater, (WAS) RGIII, (OAK) Derek Carr, (SF) Colin Kaepernick and (JAC) Blake Bortles. Regardless of how rocky their seasons may have been, these guys are BEASTS.

7. Cleveland has a TERRIBLE dilemma now

After Manziel went out with an injury against the Panthers and Hoyer stepped in to “give them a spark”, it really appears that Hoyer isn’t just momentarily better than Johnny- he might be FUNDAMENTALLY better in every measurable aspect of playing quarterback. With Manziel injured and unable to give them a full body of work, and Hoyer’s contract coming up for renewal, the Browns have to ask themselves if they are content with letting Johnny Football run a talented team into the ground, versus paying Hoyer to be a starter.

Monday Night Football Prediction: (Current record 11-6)

– I have the Broncos beating the Bengals, because Denver DESPERATELY wants home field advantage throughout the playoffs. I think they see an AFC championship game between them and the Patriots in their future, and after New England CRUSHED them at in Foxboro, they DEFINITELY would rather have their rematch at Mile High.

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