NO, Hillary Clinton Does NOT Have To Shake The Hand Of The Alleged Child Rapist Who Threatened To Arrest & Kill Her

After Wednesday night’s shitshow of a debate featuring an educated, seasoned, well-studied, and experienced politician verbally sparring with a willfully illiterate, childish, repugnant, hair-plugged, orange-skinned baboon on topics far beyond the baboon’s intellectual capacity, many in the media decided to expound on the most jarring moment of the entire night:

The fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t go out of her way to shake the infinitesimal digits of her weak-minded opponent.

It was the talk BEFORE the debate:

AFTER the debate:

And BEFORE Thursday’s Al Smith dinner:

And DURING the Al Smith dinner:

And AFTER the Al Smith dinner:

CNN, a network that has become the  faux-arbiter of fair and balanced coverage predicated on the troubling dogmatic belief that all sins are equal (which was roundly beat down by Soledad O’Brien), Anderson Cooper-led panel discussions ensued on the inflated importance of the handshake. The way that many in corporate media spoke about the important necessity of the handshake, you would think that we were all collectively witnessing a regular election, with regular campaigns, barking about different election issues. But, for those of us who’ve been paying attention, not only has this been a unique and unprecedented political clusterfuck, it has featured a man who doesn’t only deserve to be denied the presidency, but also a man who doesn’t deserve any courtesy or common respect.

This isn’t an opinion predicated in anti-conservative rhetoric, or Democratic cheerleading, this is an observation targeted directly at an openly ignorant, racist, sexist, xenophobic, dickheaded bully who assaults women reporters, makes fun of the disabled, incites his supporters to attack minorities at his rallies, and calls for women who get abortions to be “punished.” Despite the fact that he is the Republican presidential nominee, Trump isn’t a candidate who inspires distaste because of his political views – he’s a smarmy demagogue who inspires hate because he can’t stop being an objectionable cunt.

The problem with insisting that Trump and Hillary need to show “respect” for the political process by maintaining a semblance of polite courtesy is that it minimizes and trivializes the unprecendented extent to which Trump has gone out of his way to antagonize Clinton.

This is the same douchebag that threatened Hillary Clinton’s life twice in three weeks.

This is the same asshole that threatened to throw Hillary Clinton in JAIL the first day he’s elected into office.

This is the same bigot that refused to publicly denounce the Trump supporter who recently hinted at assassinating Hillary if she wins the election.

And he managed to utter ALL of this fuckery while being charged with child rape, while 10 women have stepped-forward claiming they’ve been sexually assaulted by him, you know, just like that same thing he was bragging to Billy Bush’s punk-ass about.

Maybe, just maybe, Hillary Clinton has avoided shaking Donald’s hand because, unlike him, she doesn’t like grabbing pussies.

This Is Your Conscience

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