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    Join Bee Quammie on October 26th for a creative and timely roundtable discussion on topics around diversity and representation in the media, from the perspectives of:

    Tatiana King: Radio Personality, G98.7FM's "The African Groove Show"
    Arisa Cox: Freelance Journalist & Host of Big Brother Canada
    Kim Johnson: Producer, CityNews
    Nneka Elliott: Co-host, CP24 Breakfast
    Ingrie Williams: Stylist & Editor of HOLR Magazine

    We'll discuss a multitude of themes to hopefully open up a much-needed discussion around the intersections of race, gender, and media - and we'll have fun making new connections as we go!

    Click on the flyer to purchase advanced tickets:

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    2014 NFL Week Eight Review: Jay Cutler CAN’T Win

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    When I was young, my parents were able to move my sister and I our confined, government housing, into a large beautiful home that was all our own. So...


    The Truth About Cheating Most People Don’t Understand

    Last weekend, I read a story about a married woman who claimed she was completely in love with her husband, yet felt an intense desire to cheat on him. She claims that...


    Vonderrick Myers Jr., Another Young Black Teen, Murdered By St. Louis Police

    This has been an extremely tense week in St. Louis, Missouri. While the Ferguson story may not capture major media headlines as it did in early August, the protestors...


    The Curious Case of Jermaine Carby & Canada’s Real Problem with Race

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