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    The R&B: Relationships & Bullsh*t returns to Toronto with our 3rd live event where we will be discussing whether people in Toronto really want SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS or just CASUAL SEX?! To purchase tickets, click the flyer below: Anti-Valentines-print2-2.jpg
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    The Modern American Justice System Is A Joke

    Allow me to rant a little, because after reading about a 21 year old who was sentenced 40+ years when he didn’t even kill anyone, it’s time for us...


    No, Idris Elba Doesn’t NEED To Put A Ring On It

    On an unusually cold spring day in April of 2004, I received a weird-ass phone call from my close friend in which he revealed two major announcements in the...


    Boondocks Season 4 Episode 1 – “Pretty Boy Flizzy” [FULL EPISODE]

    In my personal opinion, Patrice O’Neal is the TRUE king of comedy (R.I.P.). Not only was he funny as hell, but his ideology of what makes good comedy was...


    2013/14 NBA Thoughts – Vol. 4: The Playoffs Are Finally Here! [1st Round PREDICTIONS]

    So the regular season has finally ended and, for select teams, the quest for a title continues. The teams that didn’t make it must start their offseason now and...


    New R&B Podcast [April 20/14]: “As For Me & My House…”

    On this weeks podcast, we talk about the problem with frowsy heathens and religious people constantly misusing the phrase, “Only God can judge!” especially when it refers to doing...


    Why Do We Care That Sex Tapes Don’t Make Black Women Famous?

    In the wake of Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith‘s sex tape uproar, I have noticed a few articles stating that sex tapes don’t make Black women famous. And while that point may be true,...


    Drake, Here’s 5 Tips On How To Date A BAJAN Woman

    This past weekend, my boy asked me a question that left me stumped for a good minute: “Bruh, of all the women you’ve ever dated in your life, which...


    Complaining About Our Lack Of Inclusion Is Hurting The Entire Black Community

    Nowadays, it has become inevitable that during early-morning social media surfing, I will come across a blog or article where a Black writer will bemoan Black people’s lack of...

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    If You Live In Toronto, You Should Be At THIS Event TONIGHT

    Ever since I started hosting my R&B: Relationships & Bullsh*t live show, I’ve been lucky as hell to run into other like minded event producers in Toronto who are...


    The BIG Difference Between Love Now And In The Past

    A few days ago, my homegirl posted an image with the following quote on her Instagram: “Until a man is completely satisfied with where he is in his life…he...


    Beautiful Women Are Never Asked On Dates, But STRIPPERS Are? Bullshit.

    There’s a blog titled “Why BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who want COMMITment will NEVER be ASKED on a REAL DATE, but a stripper will” that has gone viral and has been making the...


    Are Selfies A Sign Of Narcissism? Or Is Society Far Too Self-Righteous?

    Recently, I saw a status on Facebook that caught my attention and triggered this post. One of my friends commented that instead of taking selfies, people should go out...