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    To Black Canadians UPSET That Our Politicians DON’T Want Beyoncé To Perform

    Don't let white people confuse a fight for freedom with a fight for power.


    New R&B Podcast [Jan. 31/15]: The REASONS That We Fear

    On this weeks podcast we talk about why women obsess over the number on the scale the same way men obsess over the number on the ruler, why posting...


    Fuck Black History Month

    It took 50 years to go from "Negro History Week" to "Black History Month", and now 40 years after that, we're still accepting our history as little more than...


    New R&B Podcast [Jan. 24/15]: #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch

    On this week’s podcast I talk about Amber Rose going in on Kanye West, how Donald Trump is outsmarting his peers and I reveal the only method in which...


    Flint Officials To Residents: Pay The Bills For Your Poisoned Water – Or Lose Your House & Kids

    Flint, MI residents are not only being sent bills for the lead-poisoned water they can't even use, but some are even being threatened with having their homes foreclosed on...


    New R&B Podcast [Jan. 17/15]: How Do You Suck At Being Single?!

    On this week’s podcast I talk about why men deserve to be called out for getting the WRONG woman pregnant, why assaulting someone who cheats on you is STUPID...


    New R&B Podcast [Dec. 25/15]: The Relationships & Boyz II Men Christmas Podcast

    This is the first CUSS-WORD FREE R&B podcast, so feel free to play this today around family and friends.

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    The Good Girl In A Glass Case

    When most men say they're ready for a "good girl" what they really mean is they want a woman they can control when they're ready.


    New R&B Podcast [Dec. 13/15]: Frowsy Folks Deserve…Frowsy Folks

    On this weeks podcast, I talk about hypocritical people who believe they “deserve” people “better” than them, why it’s fair for sports reporters to grill Tom Brady about his...


    Donald Trump Isn’t Dangerous Because He’s Stupid – He’s Dangerous Because He’s BRILLIANT

    On November 4th, 2008, a junior Senator from Illinois named Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America and also became the first African American...


    Why The FUCK Are You Allowing Ayesha Curry To Get You In Your Feelings?!

    It seems everyone is up in arms over Ayesha Curry’s recent tweets about how she prefers to dress in public and what SHE prefers to show to HER man...


    New R&B Podcast [Dec. 6/15]: Get Some ICE In Your Heart Damnit

    On this weeks podcast, I talk about my first ever trip to an NFL game and the madness that ensued. I also touch on why marriage statistics should make...