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    On July 19th, The Relationships & Bullsh*t show returns to TORONTO for the BIGGEST show to date and the ONLY show here this summer! Join me and Bee Quammie as we talk about CAREER vs. TRUE LOVE! Click on the flyer to purchase advanced tickets: Anti-Valentines-print2-2.jpg
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    Fatherless Young Blacks, Sean Bergin and the Real Story Media Avoids

    I am a Black man, and as much as I love everything about my Blackness, it can become tiring to remain acutely aware of it in many daily public...


    When Young Women Are Raped, More Parents Need To Be Blamed

    It’s very easy to view rape in a vacuum. It’s easy to view it as a controlling, overaggressive man who chose to invade a woman’s most private and intimate...


    When It Comes To Procuring Pussy, HONESTY Is ALWAYS The Best Policy

    Early this morning, my boy posted a video on my Facebook wall in which a YouTuber named hotdamnirock attempted to do a prank/informal social research on the ideology that...


    New R&B Podcast [July 13/14]: Lebron Ain’t The Only 1 Going Home

    On this week’s podcast I talk about IDIOTS who like to ask the stupid-ass question, “why do you make everything about race?” I also touch on tweet-plagiarism, why I’m...


    Ladies, Here’s How You Find a Man Who Wants a Serious Relationship

    I’m not a heart healer, a relationship expert, or Hitch, but there are some aspects of dating that I’m pretty confident discussing. As a result of this confidence, my...


    All Black People MUST Read ‘The Nigger In The White House’

    Ever since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, people with common sense around the globe immediately noticed the level of contentiousness towards him escalated with extreme prejudice. After...


    New R&B Podcast [June 24/14]: A BAJAN In NEW YORK {My NYC Trip Review}

    On this week’s special Independence Day podcast, I give a FULL run-down of my trip to New York city, which includes details about almost dying in the New York...


    There’s NO Room for White People in the Natural Hair Movement

    I heard about the natural hair movement for the first time in 1996, but interestingly enough, the movement wasn’t an isolated group of men or women promoting a love...


    Jeremy Meeks Got A Modelling Contract – And Men Are STILL Mad

    We all know Jeremy Meeks. He is just THE hottest felon that has flooded social media over the past week. He’s very good looking, has some very nice features and...

    Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.41.43 PM

    Lincoln Anthony Blades EPIC First TV Interview

    Ok I’ll admit that EPIC might be a little strong, but seeing as this was my first time on the news, it was definitely an epic experience for myself....


    Can Your CAREER Satisfy Your Soul Like TRUE LOVE?! [The R&B Show Returns July 19]

    It seems like almost EVERYDAY I find myself scrolling through social media sites and coming across a lot of love vs. success quotes, memes and pictures that are either...


    Rick Ross Being “Banned” From Detroit Should Embarrass The SHIT Out Of Black Folks

    As a long time fan of hip-hop music, I LOVE rap competition. Not only do I watch battles, but I think rappers going back-and-forth on wax has produced some...