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    New R&B Podcast [August 31/14]: Who The F*^K Goes On A Date Buck NAKED?!

    On this weeks podcast I talk about Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s leaked nude pics and how much shit has changed in the past 20 years with our collective reaction...


    I HATE White Privilege & Supremacy – But I DON’T Hate White People

    During my high school years, me and some of my classmates decided to skip school to go to Chuck E. Cheese. (Don’t judge us, their pizza might’ve been the...


    Your Significant Other Is Freakier Than You Know

    A couple years ago, I found myself interviewing a former co-worker for a book I was writing about orgasms. As we sat down and discussed his sex life, he...


    If You’re Not In A Relationship, He Doesn’t Owe You A “Break-Up”

    Several months after I finished university, I bumped into an extremely attractive woman whom I shared a few classes with. We exchanged numbers, had a few long-ass phone conversations (that’s what...


    Read Karreuche Tran All You Want, But BET Is To Blame For The Blue Ivy Shade

    Although I make it a point to avoid watching 85 percent of the award shows on TV (including theMTV Video Music Awards), I did learn two things about Sunday’s...


    The TRUTH About Women Who Aim To Date Men With “Potential”

    When it comes to dating men with potential, there are three types of women. There’s Woman 1, who will NEVER “waste” a second of her time dating a man...


    Respectability Is NOT A NECESSITY Of EQUALITY

    Sometimes when I sit and attempt to listen to today’s hip-hop, I realize I’m OLD. I mean, I’m truly OLD AS HELL. I have NO CLUE who most of...


    New R&B Podcast [August 24/14]: Back To Podcasting My ASS Off

    On this week’s podcast I talk about my month long blogging/podcasting break and give FULL details on my trips to Grenada and Barbados. I also recap my LAST R&B:...


    The One MAJOR Warning Sign MOST People Overlook Before Getting Into A Relationship

    “Shawty wanna tell me secrets ’bout a nigga/ I tell that bitch it’s more attractive when you hold it down” - Drake “Stay Schemin’” I actively encourage men and...


    How White America’s Ignorance and Black America’s Complacency Caused Renisha McBride’s Death

    Last week was a tough week for Stephen A. Smith. And I definitely don’t want to pile on when I feel that he didn’t say anything that warranted a...


    The WRITE Side Of History: The Problem With Stephen A. & Sloppy Journalism

    I thoroughly dislike Stephen A. Smith. To be more specific, I thoroughly dislike Stephen A’s attempt at deep social commentary. When it comes to talking about basketball teams, the NBA...


    You Should Be Proud to See Shanesha Taylor Free

    “Kids/animals die every year cause ignorant ‘parents’ leave them in the car. I don’t give a flying fuck what her excuse was.” This was an actual comment left on...