• Upcoming Event!

    I'm REALLY PROUD to let you ALL know that my first R&B: Relationships & Bullsh*t show of 2015 will not only be my first show of the new year, and my second ever birthday party, but it will also be the 1-year anniversary of the event that you all have supported and made a success. While I am glad for everything I went through in 2013, the first time I was able to give you guys the show you DESERVE was last January, and that's why this is the 1-year anniversary show.

    This show will be inside the beautiful Uptown Loft, which definitely has enough capacity to fit a good sized crowd, and the topic we will be discussing is, "Do Torontonians Have Unrealistic Dating Expectations?" which is definitely gonna get an interesting convesation started. For those of you who have never been to one of my shows, this is NOT a lecture, or my proclamation of being an authority on all-things love related. This is a conversation party, where we ALL collectively add our thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand - while drinking - and possibly oversharing...!

    Click on the flyer to purchase advanced tickets:

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