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Meet Lincoln Anthony Blades


The owner and head writer of ThisIsYourConscience, Lincoln Anthony Blades, is available for public speaking opportunities whether it be interviews, round-table discussions, or debates in person, on TV or through traditional or online radio. Regardless of what the topic of discussion is, you can count on Lincoln to bring his unique perspective, common sense point of view, and ability to effectively defend his point of view, while challenging others (depending on the type of event).

Lincoln has already amassed a solid public speaking record which includes being a panelist at debates, social activism roundtables, relationships and sex seminars all the way to sports talk radio.

He has been a featured speaker at engagements in many cities including Toronto, New York, Montreal, D.C. and Bridgetown, and he is more than eager to explore more of the globe in this capacity.

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If you are interested in having Lincoln speak at your function or on your show, please refer to the contact page, and someone will be back in touch with you in 24 hours.